More and more, people are forming their first impression of you from the results of a web search on your name. When people are evaluating you in a professional capacity, their research starts with Google. They might stop by Facebook or Instagram. They might find their way to your website if they know your url, your name or if one of your search words matches.

The problems with websites and social media is that there is too much noise! You should to be focusing on removing content from your social media and website that will get in the way of your success.  You want all of the content to “wow” those who are making decisions about you.

The modern digital service platform is designed to inform the readers and ease their decision making. The information is tailored for the horse community, the creators behind have done most of the thinking for you.

Still, you need to be concerned about what you put in your Pluvinel profile – making sure it is authentic, compelling to your audience and aspirational — positioning you for the future.

Here are three things you should concern yourself with in order to make a positive impact on readers.

  1. Low-quality images.

It is not just about your headshot. Any images you added to your profile in the gallery section needs to be high-quality, relevant and appropriately cropped. Nothing says “lack of attention to detail” like blurry, badly cropped, trite, or unflattering images. Of course, this is most important when it comes to your headshot. If you use a selfie, a photo where you crop out others, or a photo your mother took of you at last year’s family outing, it’s time to remove and replace. Invest in a professionally photographed headshot that projects you in the most positive and powerful light. And avoid full body shots and riding pictures from a distance. Let viewers see your face.

2.  Third-person writing.

Let’s face it, everyone knows you wrote your own Pluvinel summary and experience sections. It is much more transparent and direct to write in the first person than to pretend that your publicist wrote your content. When you write in the first person, you create a conversation between you and the reader, and that helps you establish a more authentic relationship with them. More and more profiles and websites are using the first person. It is time for you to take the third person out of your profile and get comfortable with me, myself, and I.

3. Your experience is important.

Make the effort to fill in your relevant experience and add place and year. Don't bulk it into one field. It is important to show progression in your career, so you may want to group roles from the past under categories like My Proving Ground or Internships and Early Career Experience. Make sure there is no gap in your cv.

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