Do you want a smarter booking and payment experience for your riders? And save your own time in the process? is the go-to platform for equestrians instructors, trainers, coaches, clinicians, horse centres (small and large) and riding schools. All disciplines and nationalities are welcome to use All you have to do is creating a page (profile). Then you can start listing and organising your group lessons, courses, clinics and seminars, and it is super simple!

It is easy to find all the upcoming events on your profile page. Riders can book and pay you directly, two clicks is all it takes. Your events will never disappear in chaos of information you find in other sites. Because it is designed differently. (View the online demo page here)

The smart organiser

As an organiser (the instructor, trainer, clinician, horse centre and riding school), you probably want to save time and efficiently manage your bookings? gives you a full overview of who has booked and paid you for your clinics, courses, seminars or group lessons. You never have to send out invoices again, miss a payment or have to remind someone to pay for your services. The booking and paying takes only two clicks for the rider. All you do is schedule your events on Pluvinel and send the URL to your riders or Add student so they receive an invitation via Pluvinel. It is no hassle. Just fun!

Other benefits worth mentioning is avoiding double bookings, the system is counting the booked spots for you. The riders can see how many places are left instead of asking you. Then your riders can pay you online in their own time, but before, not after your event. This way you will never miss a payment again.

Nifty options like "open", "invitation only" and "reserve"


By choosing Open you operate with a first come, first served principle. This functionality allows the rider to book and pay for your event with two clicks. Any rider who wants to attend can sign up for your event. It is of course only possible to book as long as there are available spots left in the event. So, make sure you set the right number of spots/places.

In "Schedule new event" you choose this option when you want rider to book directly. This is the most efficient way for both you and your riders. 
This is how the event is presented for the users on Tidy and straightforwardly. Riders are two clicks away from booking and paying for your event. 

Invitation only

When choosing Invitation only riders will have to ask to attend. You have more control over who are allowed to attend. When riders click Ask for invite you will receive a notification in your PADDOCK (the newsfeed on In this notification you can choose the option to Accept or Politely decline. Depending on your action, the system will automatically send a notice back to the rider. When you Accept they will be receive a notification that asks them to book and pay for their spot. You will be notified when the process is completed.

When you choose this option, riders can contact you or they can click on the button "Ask for invite" in the public event then the system will take care of the process.

When you choose "Invitation only" the event will look like this with the "Ask for invite" button in the published event. When the rider clicks on the button "Ask for invite" the system send request to you and add the rider to the event till you take action, Accept or Politely decline. 

When a rider requests to attend your event, you can Accept their invitation and an invitation will be returned to the rider so he/she can book and pay for his/her place. 


When you already know some riders who are attending you group lesson, clinic, seminar or course you can add them to your event when you schedule the event. A spot will be reserve for them, and they will receive a notification in the system. They can book and pay you for their place with two clicks. In EVENTS overview, you will know that the riders have paid, and you will get a notification as well.

Invite your all your riders in one go when you Schedule your event. This will also reserve their place. 

You can also add the riders easily after you have published the event.

From EVENTS overview you can also add new students when they show their interest. 

When you invite or add a rider they will receive this invitation in their MY PADDOCK. When they Accept they will also book and pay you for your lesson. 

Benefits for the rider; your student and client

By offering riders to book your group lessons, courses, clinics or seminar via Pluvinel, you save your time as well as their time. You will introduce a proactive habit of upfront commitment. Get into the habit of listing your events for for some times ahead. After one or two bookings your riders will prefer this simple approach, and it will become predictable. They will, like you, have a full overview of their bookings with you as well as their payments.

Any rider can easily find relevant information about organiser, instructors, trainers, the horse centres and ridings schools in addition to finding upcoming events.

"It is much better to have a page on It works great as a go-to online web-hub, much better than a page on Wordpress or something similar." Lin, Manager Stall-H

Be smart with our time

Save time on questions back and forth. Fill in all the information you know people are asking you about, if it is on your profile page or in your event. Make yourself a template you can copy the text from so you don't have to write it again and again.

Here are some tips on how to write a useful text for your event?

Right now you are probably using several different channels for communication. Wouldn't it be preferable to have everything in one place? When people ask you, send them the URL to your Pluvinel profile where they can find your upcoming events, your services, your education, your location. On horse centre profiles they can also find see facilities and learn about your team when you connect your instructor and trainers to your horse centre profile.

Link your team members to your horse centre profile. The link has to be approved by the instructor/trainer of course. This is our favourite feature, we love it so much!! And hope you will too.

Invite your visiting instructor and trainers to be listed under your team. They manage their own profiles so it will always be up-to-date. Which means you don't have to ask them to send you a bio for your website or for the events when you are organising. 

Never heard about before? We are a Norwegian tech company with a French name. is named after Antoine de Pluvinel, the first French riding master. It is free to register a profile on and all disciplines are welcome. We have three types of users 1) the rider 2) the instructor/trainer and 3) the horse centre or/and riding school.

You should know that adds a service charge of 5 percent + 10 NOK (1 USD, 1 EURO, 1 GBP or 1 CAD) to each booking. You can read more about the payment in our Terms and conditions.

By registering your profile and events on the site becomes where all horse lovers can find interesting upcoming event and see what is happening where and when with who in the horse world. Your events will never disappear in the information chaos. Because it is designed differently.

Register your profile today here.