When you are a manager of a horse centre or riding school you don't have much spare time for office work. Have you ever found yourself struggling with writing a useful and clear text for your courses, clinics, seminars or workshops?

When you organise events and are inviting instructors to your barn, you have many things to juggle, riding, boarding, agenda, collecting payments etc. Writing an excellent text for the event might not be the most challenging task, but it could be a dreaded one.

Putting time into a useful text is essential to give a good description of your event, set the expectations, attract the right riders and to avoid extra work, misunderstandings and time spent on clarifying afterwards.  

At Pluvinel we don't just make the booking and payment process simple, we want you to spend more time on the art of horse riding rather than the art of writing. In this article, you will find some great tips on writing a useful text for your event.

Start with a good describing title

A title should be clear and easy to understand. It should catch the users attention and tempt them to read more. The title can refer to benefits for the reader, so know your audience.

Here are some good example:
"Dressage training with a focus on riders seat."
"Seminar with theory focusing on the horses' biomechanics thought by the old riding masters."
"Mental coaching for riders struggling with performance anxiety."

Here are some titles missing some information:
"Clinic with Kathrine"
"Seminar in the stable meeting room."
"Group lesson for riders."
"Coaching for those struggling with anxiety."

On Pluvinel it is a link in every event to the organiser so the users can click and read more about the organiser. So when the organiser is the instructor,  you will not have to write about the instructor.

Pluvinel is a digital service simplifying listing, booking and organising horse events like; clinics, seminars, workshops, courses. You can chose between open booking or ask for invite.

The short introduction

Write a brief introduction that to summarise the content of your event (course, clinic, seminar, camp or group lesson). If you prefer, it can also be a teaser. Keep it to one or two sentences. On Pluvinel, you can only write 300 characters in your short intro, helping you keep it short and sweet.

A good example of a short introduction summarising the event:
"In this weekend clinic, we will focus on riders seat and how it affects the horse's biomechanics. This clinic suits riders with background from all disciplines."

A good example of a teaser to the event could be:
"Are you struggling with your seat? Would you like to ride your horse from the seat to release pressure on the bit?"

Break things down in your body text.

Other tools that help readability are bold, bullets, italic - all these tools are available when writing the about text in Pluvinel. Avoid spelling mistakes and use subtitles to guide your audience.

If your short intro is a teaser start by summarising the content of the event to set the expectations so your audience can decide if this event is relevant for them, let the audience know about any practicalities, cancellation policy, agenda (riding times) and your requirements. Levels and price will be searchable when you list your events on Pluvinel.

Guide your audience with relevant subheading
Focus Describe the focus of the event. What can the rider learn by attending this event?
Practicalities Will there be a lunch break? Will there be theory? Is it available boxes for those travelling from other horse centres? Is the arena isolated? If you know the questions you usually get, make sure you have the answers covered.
Cancellation policy What are your cancellation policy, 24-hours, 7-days or none at all?)
Requirement Wear helmet, west and proper boots, visiting horses should be in good health etc.
Agenda What are the riding times? When you write down the schedule, riders can let you know if there are any particular spots more suitable.

Go back and rework your writing to make sure you got everything.
Wait until your writing stands still until you call it finished.

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