Most, if not all people are familiar with this discipline. But did you know that it is a relatively new equestrian sport? An Italian riding instructor, Captain Federico Caprilli, heavily influenced the world of jumping with his ideas promoting a forward position with shorter stirrups. This style placed the rider in a position that did not interfere with the balance of the horse while negotiating obstacles.

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The first major show jumping competition held in England was at Olympia in 1907. Showjumper classes are held over a course of obstacles, including verticals, spreads, and double and triple combinations, usually with many turns and changes of direction. The intent is to jump clear over a set course within a time slot. Time faults are assessed for exceeding the time allowance. Jumping faults are incurred for knockdowns and refusals.

The show jumping course in competitions is often very creative, branded and decorated with flowers. Creating more than one type of obstacles for easily spooked horses. Walking the course before the event is a chance for the rider to walk the lines he or she will have to ride, in order to decide how many strides the horse will need to take between each jump and from which angle.

After clearing the first round without faults the riders go into the next and final round called "jump-off". This round some obstacles are kept and some are removed. The goal is to finish as the quickest rider, without faults.

Jumping with your horse can also be a good exercise routine and a welcomed variation for your horse if he or she likes to jump. Many horses do. You do not have to compete to join or take jumping lessons.

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Here are some quick facts about show jumping for you

* Germany has won the most showjumping titles – 5 individual and 8 team medals.
* It has been an Olympic sport since 1907
* The current top 3 in the world rankings are Steve Guerdat from Switzerland, Mclain Ward from the USA and in third place, Harrie Smolders from the Netherlands
* The World record for the highest obstacle is 2.47 metres (8 ft 1 in) by the thoroughbred stallion Huaso and his rider, Alberto Larraguibel (February 5, 1949).