Firstly, this lovely and creative video created by Anne Lippert and Pluvinel is a tribute to all the dedicated horse riding instructors, coaches and trainers out there. You are doing a tremendous job, teaching, travelling and supporting riders and horses in their endeavours. Keep up the good work!

Secondly, this video is also a reminder to the riders of how important it is to invest in dedicated teachers and never stop learning.

Finally, hopefully, can tempt everybody to get up on the horse? It is never too late.

Dedicate this video to your instructor or trainer if you like. Share if you care! :o)

Three hearts are what it takes from Camilla Næristorp on Vimeo.

Want to know how we made the "Three hearts" video?

First time I met with the video maker and graphic artist Anne Lippert, I did not know she was a "retired" horse rider. But she eagerly told me that she had missed horse riding, and the concept of Pluvinel inspired her. The concept for the video resonated with her.

After a few weeks, she came back to me with a beautiful storyboard for the video.


We made a few adjustments and Anne started creating the video. Then we presented the video the instructors on Pluvinel for honest constructive feedback.


Since the video was finalised, and we have been waiting for the right time to release this sweet and heart filled video #threehearts. Who would you dedicate it too?

By the way, Anne is no longer a "retired" horse rider. She is the proud owner of an icelandic, so in conclusion, we could say that the video has been a success inspiring one person to get on the horse again.

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