On the 30 March 2018, Anja Beran arrived at Oslo Lufthavn (Norway) for the very first time. She arrived on Good Friday and made the weekend great for all the participants.

At one point all the participants, riders and spectators, were so invested in a lesson. They anticipated in excitement and cheered on the flying changes by Christin and Poik (the best Fjordhest in world objectively speaking). The accomplishment released laughter and a feeling of mastery, and not only for the equipage by the sound of it. A true moment to remember.

One rider, Heidi, had travelled all the way from the north of Norway to participate in the clinic with Anja Beran. That is true passion! In addition to being a weekend of skill development and refill of new knowledge, it was also a social weekend where old friends came together and new acquaintances were made.


Attending such a clinic gives great value to hobby riders as Anja Beran provides you with some tools and afterthought to bring back to your own training. All the participants felt vitalised, energiesed and inspired to continue their own development. The question was; "When can Anja return?"

A little about Anja Beran

Anja Beran is an international classical equestrianism enthusiast. She is based at Gut Rosenhof in the South of Germany, approximately 1.5 hour from München. She travels every year to give clinics, in additon to having 55 horses in training at her place.

“The definition of classical equestrianism: It is the ability, by means of good exercices, logically structured and based on the natural laws of balance and harmony, to train the horse so that it subordinates itself to the rider's will contentedly and with self-confidence, without any detriment whatsoever to its own natural sequence of movement.” Anja Beran


Thank you to the team

The Norwegian clinic with Anja Beran took time and effort to plan. Linn Therese Olafsen (CEO, Semb Hovedgård) reached out to Anja Beran on Pluvinel in March 2017 for the first time. After many emails back and forth we finally found the available date, a little unfortunate that it was in the easter weekend, but this turned out great after all. Putting the clinic together has been a great teamwork between Linn T. Olafsen, Siri Stenberg (Hesteakademiet), Camilla Næristorp, Pluvinel, and Anja Beran's own team.

Thank you to everyone for making the clinic a fantastic success, we could not have done it without you; riders, spectators and volutairs. You are the best!

Please enjoy the images from the clinic below.
Hope we see you next time!

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