Dealing with cancellations is part of riding instructors, trainers and coaches' everyday life. When a lesson is cancelled, it leaves holes in your income as well as your schedule. It can add stress, unpredictability and if it happens over and over with the same students, it may feel disrespectful. Then it can be a challenge to handle the situation in a great way.

To find out how we can overcome some of the challenges instructors and riders are dealing with we (at Pluvinel have surveyed our dedicated instructors, coaches and trainers. We found out that their most significant challenges were:

Before and after Pluvinel

  1. Secure payment/keeping track of clients' and their payments
  2. Smart scheduling (how to include travel distance/time etc)
  3. Costumer satisfaction
  4. Late cancellations
  5. Attract enough clients/riders

Eliminating all the challenges at once is of course not possible. But we have done the first measures; designing a solution that can give instructors more predictability, a much better process around booking and payment, easier ways of keeping track of clients and a solution decreasing the possibility for (late) cancellations.

This is how:

1 Plan ahead

Instructors can schedule their lessons months or weeks ahead on Pluvinel. Depending on your preference and your set-up. If you have mostly group lessons you can schedule each of them to avoid confution. If you have private lessons you can cluster your lessons per day or per place (if you travel). Riders can see what is happening with you where and your upcoming lessons. Eventually, and with a little nudge from you they will become accustomed to this practical way.

2 Book = pay

All instructors need to register their payout details, to be able to schedule paid lessons, this is to ensure the transfer directly to the instructor's account. When the riders book, they also pay. It takes the riders two clicks to pay you. And both parties receive the receipt.

3 Save time

It will take you a little time to set your self up in Pluvinel, but in the long run, it will save you and your students' plenty of time. Again, your students will like how easy it is - with only two clicks.

4 Overview of lessons in on place

On your page/profile riders will see all your upcoming lessons, and when they get into the habit they will be able to go to your page on their own, book themselves in. Or you can quickly send them the link to your profile or the specific lesson from your profile.

How riders see the instructor profile

5 See your students in Pluvinel

By using Pluvinel, you gather all your student and instructor business (lessons and clinics) in one place. It gives you a better overview.

How instructors see the overview of their upcoming events and who have booked

6 Refund via Pluvinel

By nudging the riders to booking your lessons via Pluvinel you will see an increase in cancellations. But since cancellations do happens we have included the functionality for a refunding. There are two ways, the rider can ask the instructor for a refund, and instructor can quickly accept or decline the request in a simple process in the solution. Or the instructor can initiate a refund from his side. Simple and easy.

7 It looks great

Your Pluvinel looks fantastic, informative and professional especially when you line up your upcoming lessons and clinics and style them with some great photos.

Watch the video of how to schedule lessons

So, in addition to having your own clear guidelines of when it is okay to cancel and when it is not we think Pluvinel will be a great tool that can help you decrease cancellations going forward.

Start using Pluvinel, follow through, make everyone use it! Get your colleagues onboard too, and we will continue to make your job easier. Want to start using Pluvinel today?