When your passion is horses and horse riding, learning is a life long journey. One that can be frustrating and difficult at times. We know how important it is for riders to find the right instructor, trainer or coach that can support their journey.

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1. Find an instructor, trainer or coach that suit you
We know that riders can find it challenging to find an instructor, coach or trainer, so we have created Pluvinel to give riders better access and overview, locally as well as globally. Registering rider and instructor profile are free.

2. Personal and including
Pluvinel is not a marketplace or just a listing. Every instructor, trainer and coach with a profile on Pluvinel, has created it for themselves. Together, we have a bigger mission; to be a true resource for the equine community. All disciplines and methods are welcome.

3. The future is digital
Today we are happy to learn online as well as in person. Things have changed. Technology is now essential to all businesses; small, large, urban and rural. Technology is here to help us grow, work smarter and progress. We just have to adapt to the idea that this is something positive, not something that conserns everyone else.

"Most people don't need a $35,000 horse. They need a $1,000 horse, and $34,000 dollars in lessons."


4. The best interest of our users in mind
Social media has been fantastic, but it is changing - algorithms and advertising have made the platforms manipulate our content. Organic reach or a fair distribution is history, you have to pay for likes and followers. Pluvinel is creating an online resource and community that is relevant for the users, without any strings.

5. Advertising-free
Our business model allows us to keep Pluvinel advertising-free. Our intention is to create a platform that is all you dream of and some. All we do to develop this amazing platform for you, is add a small service charge to bookings.

6. Focused
Our focus is devoted to riders who want to learn, and instructors, coaches and trainers who want to teach. On Pluvinel you can find clinics, lessons and courses by our team of dedicated instructors, trainers and coaches across the globe.

7. Work smarter
Equine business has a lot to win on taking advantage of technology. Being based in rural districts they are being challenged by distance, location and time. Technology can help us streamline our business so we can use our time on what counts and cooperate in better ways.

Create your own profile on Pluvinel

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on support@pluvinel.com