In luxurious surroundings, Pluvinel's founder and CEO, Camilla Næristorp, pitched Pluvinel for the first time to a group of essential investors at Seed Forum's event at The Meydan Hotel, Dubai yesterday.

Gaining access to networks with substantial capital is essential to startups that want to succeed. The value and interest of your company depend on traction; users and activity, not necessarily how much money you make in the beginning. It is more about execution and potential. The fact that your users might not come running until you have a product they truly understand and cherish with head and heart, might not happen over night. In most cases, getting there requires capital, and hard work. This makes starting a tech company a little like the chicken and the egg situation, you need an investor to get an investor...

So, pitching at Seed Forum in Dubai, one of the world`s biggest investor network, was an opportunity in a lifetime. Pluvinel was in great company with other inspiring founders and startups from Norway and Dubai, Jonathan Duran from Oiid (An app that allows you to step inside the music), Nornir founder of the future web, Paal Kristian Levang, Christian Lains from Etheos and Shaz A. Bhatti founder of Share this space.

All the startups received coaching from Steinar Hoel Korsmo (probably the best pitching coach in the world) the day in advance, to ensure quality and great preformance on the day.

Below you can find an extract of Pluvinel founder, Camilla Næristorp's pitch:


Hello! I am honoured to be here at this fantastic venue, it is a terrific setting for presenting the most innovative Equi-tech company in the world, Pluvinel.

I will confess, I love horses more than anything! Horse riding has been a passion of mine since I was little. And I am not alone. Horse riding is, in fact, a passion shared by over 120 million people on our planet.

A few years back, after a long break from horse riding, I decided I had to get back in the saddle. Even with the internet and Google, it was hard getting an overview of my options, finding a suitable alternative and getting hold of the people that should be interested in attracting my business. I learnt that other riders were struggling with the same, even those who are familiar with the community was frustrated.

To tackle this problem, I decided to make a multi-sided platform that enables riders and equine instructors to interact in a modern, holistic & professional way, off- and online. On one side Pluvinel gives riders a full overview of instructors, lessons, clinics, courses and the events they can attend. On the other hand, Pluvinel is an all-in-one SaaS product that helps instructors take better care of their clients and grow their instructor/trainer business and work more efficiently.


With me, I have a solid team. Our Pluvinel team is a little like the German soccer team, a group of players that know what it takes based experience, lots of practice and hard work. Between us, we have experience from design-tech-finance-law-marketing and how it is to be a part- and full-time instructor.


Our niche. We are focusing on education and skill development. Globally, it is sold more than 580 million riding lessons, accumulating 23 billion USD. If you double that, you have the size of the music industry... If all the lessons in the world were booked via Pluvinel, this would equal 1.7 billion USD in a service charge.


The fitness and music industry is way ahead, but the equine industry is catching up, and we see an increasing interest in technology within the industry. The five most known Equi-tech companies have raised 7.7 million between them, which is a great start.

There will never be a new Facebook or Airbnb, the future is niche markets and holistic products and processes. Pluvinel is the future. We streamline the payment process between the parties - today, payment is only two clicks on Pluvinel, and that is all it takes to pay your instructor. There are plenty of recurring fees between our users.

To benefit riders in all corners of the world, we welcome all disciplines and methods, uniting the equine world. We offer the rider new opportunity to explore the equine community globally. We create a system that verifies the instructor (and rider) in a fair and just way, no reviews or stars that can damage your business.


Our mission is to create the most superior Equi-Tech company FOR the Equestrian world, you can be part of this! Thank you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact founder Camilla Næristorp for questions @