"My principal aim in life is to ensure that classical equestrianism, which has come to mean so much to me, gains more followers and meets with greater appreciation. It is my great wish that many riders should become genuinely enthusiastic about classical equestrianism in its original and fundamental sense." Anja Beran

At the age of 15, her horse riding interest brought Anja Beran to Portugal where she rode with the excellent master of horsemanship like Luis Valenca, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira and Marc de Broissia. Looking back, Anja Beran views this opportunity of spending such long periods of training with different horses and challenges as one of her great strengths, and she can now look back over 30 years of professional experience.

Anja Beran’s second significant strength is her internationality. She travels a lot and has given clinics in Sweden, England, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, USA, the United Arab Emirates, and now, very shortly, she is coming to Norway.

On 31 March-1 April, Semb Hovedgård in Horten will have the honour of hosting a clinic with the classical horsemanship enthusiast. There is room for 7 Equipages, price per rider is 4,000 NOK. Each Equipage will ride 4 x 30 minutes with Anja Beran over the course of the weekend.

Clinic spot for rider
2-day spectator pass (900 NOK)
1-day specator Saturday (535 NOK)
1-day specator Sunday (535 NOK)

In her riding lessons, Anja Beran places particular emphasis on a correct position in the saddle and controlled aids applied from a calm, supple seat. Furthermore, she will be focusing on essential exercises that can improve the horse's physical constitution. Correct lateral movements, collecting work, but also free forward riding are components of these riding lessons. Anja Beran aims to teach riders how they can gymnastique their horses as independently as possible in the long term.

"The definition of classical equestrianism: It is the ability, by means of good exercices, logically structured and based on the natural laws of balance and harmony, to train the horse so that it subordinates itself to the rider's will contentedly and with self-confidence, without any detriment whatsoever to its own natural sequence of movement." Extract from Anja Beran's book In Deference.

Would you like the opportunity to ride for Anja Beran when she comes to Semb Hovedgård? Book your spot here.

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