Finding a great name for your business is important. Occasionally, if you are lucky it will just appear to you. Most often, it can be a long process.

There are many things to consider when choosing a name for your business; Will people like it? Will it stick with your audience? Does it explain what you do? Should it describe what you do? Is it easy to pronounce? Does it sound dirty in a different language? Does it work nationally/internationally (what are your ambitions)? Does it reflect the vision and values of your business? The list goes on.

When I was searching for a name for my business, I used an entire notebook to write down ideas for name... Doing my friends head in, by asking them "What about this?" It was a frustrating time, and most of the time I did not even like any of my suggestions.


I wanted it to have a meaning. It had to work globally, and I wanted it to stand for something positive and significant. I was thinking about some of the brand names I feel work well. Nike; It strikes, it is simple and powerful. Tesla; a historical person that reflex greatness and inventions. MailChimp; fun, and friendly. And many more.

Being in the equine industry, names with Equi+ is very common. I like to do things differently. So, I knew I wanted something else. One day I started to search for inspiration among the old Riding Masters; Xenophon, Grisone and Pignatelli. Then I read about Antoine de Pluvinel, he is named the first French Riding Master and is a pioneer of his time. Gentle, decent and including. His reputation was impeccable, his clients were treated like royalty (because many of them were) and more critical, his method is still admired and applicable today, 398 years after he passed away.

One of his many achievements was his Riding Academy in Paris, later referred to as School of Versailles. The purpose of his academy was not to turn out battle-ready nobility but to draw the nobility together in camaraderie after decades of unrest and civil war. Under Pluvinel, the nobility from France and Europe learned fencing, military history, dance, history, politics and above all excellent horsemanship.

The carrousel Knights of the Lily, designed by Antoine de Pluvinel, was performed before 200,000 Parisian at Place Royale. Later, after Antoine de Pluvinel's time, the carrousels became more restricted, and the townspeople were largely excluded, a trend that might in some ways have followed us up until today, and people still have the perception that this is an interest only for the elite. Which is not true.

Antonie de Pluvinel was an open, excellent and a real visionary man. When I read about him I got so inspired, and suddenly I knew I had found the name I was looking for, Pluvinel!

The way you build your brand with consistency and focus are much more important then the name itself, but it can be a smart idea to choose a name that support your vision and help you on your way to build your great brand.

Read more history about horse riding and the horse's significance in our society in "The age of the horse" by Susanna Forrest.

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