Tired of chasing down payment for clinics and lessons? Does it take up a lot of your time? What if the riders were responsible for securing their spot at your clinic? What if booking and paying equaled the same motion? Wouldn't that make your life much easier? Then you can spend more time with your students and on growing your business instead.

In fact, it can work like this right now

First, you need to have a profile on Pluvinel.com. Creating a profile is simple, and you do not need exceptional technical skills. You just follow the guidelines in the solution; first, choose to Create profile and fill in name, email, and password.

Then fill in your details Basics, Experience, Bio, you link to your social media under On the web, then you upload your best Photos. Select the type of Services you provide from our list, so riders know what you offer. Under Payments you fill in you Payout details so Pluvinel can transfer the fee directly to your account. Then, you go to Account settings and publish your profile. You are then set to go.

Prepare for quick scheduling by setting up Type of Events first

Type of Event is usually either a clinic, private lesson, group lesson or maybe a seminar. You probably have your regular repertoire of Type of Events, with the same price and the identical number of spots that you repeat. The idea is that you should create a list of your essential Type of Events, so you can quickly schedule your lessons, clinics or seminars anytime. Even from your mobile. Type of Events can be added and removed from your list at any time, so don't worry if you don't set them all up at first.

Schedule your upcoming events

Pluvinel is designed to show riders all your upcoming activities, they are visible as part of your profile and they will be visible in Pluvinel EVENTS overview. Therefore, we recommend you to schedule your future events as soon as they are confirmed. If a rider checks out your profile, and cannot attend one clinic, maybe he or she wants to participate on another one of your events.

When riders ask you (or your organizers) about the event, you can quickly send them the link to your profile or directly to the event by copying the URL. Because the system shows how many spots are available, it also means the riders can sign up directly, without having to email anyone, it depends only on how informative and thorough you have been with the information provided in the event. Then they don't have to send an email and wait for a reply. If they want to attend, they want to secure their spot as quickly as possible which is possible with Pluvinel.

If your clinic is fully booked
Full clinic

If there are available spots

To schedule a new event is straightforward. You choose Schedule new event in your left menu, then add time, address, the title of the event (Name of Lesson), and you upload a lovely photo representing the event. You add a short description of your event addressing the rider.

You can fill in any requirements, select the discipline you are teaching and the level of the students you accept. Then choose the Type of Event from your list. Eventually, you decide if the event is open to book for everyone, or if you want people to ask you to attend. In both cases you can add the students you already know is attending the event. They will receive a notification, so they can book and pay when you publish your event.

When you have done this a few times, it will go quickly.

Booking and payment

We know that it can be a challenge to introduce new habits, but we believe we have nailed it to benefit both sides. It takes a rider two click to pay for their lesson when they have first registered on Pluvinel. They can show up at your appointment knowing that the bill is settled. All done and out of the picture, not forgotten and never to be mentioned again. And if you do it often, they will avoid a huge bill at the end of the month.

You will know that the lesson is paid for too when they show up because you received the confirmation in Pluvinel/an email. A rider cannot book your lessons without paying for it. The system will not allow it. You will not have the stress with chasing up payment after lessons, or sending out invoices or/and follow up ask your students to pay if forgotten. Creating unnecessary discomfort for both parties, and in worst case ruin relations.

It might be necessary to be firm to start with to get everyone into the right habit; it is essential to ask everyone to book in one place to keep the overview, especially when it comes to clinics and group lessons. This is how you keep the full overview of the signups.

Your fee will automatically be transferred to your account, and by the end of the week/month/year, you can simply fetch a report under Payments.

How it affects marketing

Your event is visible on your profile and under EVENTS overview on Pluvinel. However, marketing should be done the same way as before. Use Facebook, but add the link (copy URL) to your event on Pluvinel so people quickly can secure their spot.

Send out your regular emails and include the link to the event on Pluvinel with a clear message of this how your booking and payment now is done.

The number of spots you have selected will regulate and make sure you avoid double bookings. Everyone can see how many spots are available and when your clinic is full. It will not be possible to book anymore.

If riders contact you with questions to attend your clinics, all you have to do is send them the link (URL) to your event on Pluvinel. Then they can read about your event, and book a spot in the same place. Your clients avoid having to wait for answers per the email/SMS from you or anyone else. Finding your event and forwarding this link is much quicker than finding back to your event on Facebook, and the process for the rider is also much faster.

Your benefits
  • Riders cannot book your lessons without paying
  • You have one place for signing up
  • Fewer emails and SMS back and forth with your clients (except the email confirmations of bookings)
  • Total overview of your students and what clinics/lessons they have attended in a very tidy way
  • Payment upfront
  • If necessary you can refund the payment in the solution
  • Predictability
  • Pull out reports of all your lessons when you need it (also valid for accountant purposes)
  • Streamlining your booking and payment
  • You don't have to send out invoice
  • Never forget payment again
  • No deposit necessary
Riders benefits
  • Streamlining their signup (two clicks to pay and book)
  • Upfront booking and payment
  • Predictability and commitment
  • Two clicks to book and pay
  • Overview of all their lessons/clinics they have attended with you and other instructors
  • Simple to find out what is coming up
  • Digital receipt
  • Digital confirmation both on email and in Pluvinel
  • Can show up without thinking about bringing cash
  • Don't have to pay late invoice (no one likes invoices)

It is nothing to think about, start using Pluvinel today!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.