The quaint and hard-working international dressage rider and instructor Camilla Kalseth is spearheading the new digital solution

The edgy concept is uniting all Equestrian disciplines and methods on one digital solution. Despite, differences in location, country, disciplines, methods, background or experience, all Equestrians are welcome, beginners to professionals. The Norwegian startup has reached professionals and riders all over the world. The instructors stretch from the North of Norway to New Zealand in the South. From California in the West to Russia in the East. Pluvinel is still in its early phases. The company has a Design Thinking mindset. Meaning feedback, research, contact, interviews and presence is pivotal and contribution and engagement from the community are vital.

Last year, Pluvinel was surveying their users and reached out to miss Kalseth asking for a user interview. She impressed the Pluvinel team with her character and mindset. So, the founder asked her to be more involved, and with an extraordinarily positive attitude, she said: "Yes, of course!". Since then, she has been a central advisor and an indispensable part of the team. It is safe to say that she has been the most valuable contributor to insightful advice on the user side, and a door opener to her wide network.

Has the courage to be first

This summer, Pluvinel launched the beta version of the booking and payment solution. This will save the rider, the organiser and the instructor loads of time. You get promotion, booking and banking, three in one solution. The event is easy to share on Facebook, but the content is created on Pluvinel, and signup happens on Pluvinel too. This ensures the instructor full overview. He/she have all signups in one place - and pay attention - signup is the same as payment. The payout happens continuously.

Camilla Kalseth is one of Pluvinel's brave pioneering instructors. "Pluvinel is a fantastic solution for Equestrian instructors/trainers and riders. I love the concept of creating a complete overview of instructors for all the riders out there," she says. "Being available is important. It helps that the site is beautiful and straightforward to use. Now with the booking and payment in place on Pluvinel, I can easily book my clinics. Without comparison, it gives me an excellent overview of who has booked/paid. It saves the organiser, the riders and my time. Pluvinel is so simple; I love it."

The founder, Camilla Næristorp, adds: "Camilla Kalseth is a force to reckon with; she gets things done! She is a fantastic coach and a great teacher. She is a wonderful person, loyal, fun, skilled, confident, professional and I admire her for what she accomplishes. I am feeling humble of her generosity, and lucky to be working with Camilla. I will give her 100% on her "kür" anytime."

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