The newly established riding school at Elveli Gård, Nordmarka Rideskole, in Sørkedalen Norway, found themselves without a teacher for one day this week.

For a small new business, it can be devastating if you have to cancel on your new clients last minute. When they are likely riders who are looking forward to their next lesson, the moment they get off the horse.

Margaret Eide Hillestad, chair(wo)man of Nordmarka Rideskole turned to Pluvinel for help. Margaret contacted several instructors in the nearby area via the digital resource, and luckily one of the instructors, Gry Cathinka Wold, was able to step in on short notice. The riders were pleased with the sporty temp, and their feedback to Gry was that they felt seen and that she had taught them some new techniques. You can find, and read more about Gry Catinka Wold on Pluvinel.

Nordmarka Rideskole is a small family owned riding school, 35 minutes outside Oslo centre. Four families have come together to run this Equestrian startup with a wish to expand the offer in the local area. The riding school is based at Elveli Gård and have several lovely ponies and horses available for beginners to novice level. The group lessons are small - max six on each lesson. Nordmarka Rideskole still has available spots if you or your kid is interested. Check out their schedule here.

Pluvinel is a global independent digital resource where riders (and riding schools) can find instructors and trainers within all disciplines and methods, nearby.

Thank you for great cooperation!
Waiting patiently for lesson
Margaret Eide Hillestad and Gry Catinka Wold
Cute pony