The world is digital, you are digital. With its pros and cons. Most likely you are one of 2 billion Facebook users, maybe you have an Instagram account, along with email(s) and some other Apps?

With its 2 billion + 700 million users, Facebook and Instagram are now full of advertising, your Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts about what your 500 “closest” friends have been doing, seen or read the last 24 hour. Some posts are funny, some are interesting, very few are useful, more and more are ignored, the same way we block out adverts on regular web pages.

An average user uses about 20 minutes every time they log onto Facebook, that means that you most likely use that too, maybe more. If you use Facebook for business purposes you know that reaching your target group on social media has become time demanding, almost a full-time job and it requires serious skills to get the desired effect these days. Still, it is a fantastic platform for communication and sharing.

To be curious about technology, and even making it one of your business advantages is definitely the right mindset to have these days. There are more and more focus on making technology user-friendly and human centred. This is great news for those who might feel overwhelmed by technology. This also means that the time is ripe to get involved and plan your own digitalisation. As a small business or self-employed equestrian instructor, coach or trainer you have so much to gain from it!

The openness and transparency that comes with technology encourage responsible behaviour, which is something the Equestrian world needs. It can even bring people together in new ways, for example, the way Airbnb and Uber have managed to do it. They have managed to create technology for specific purposes which are ensuring users' several advantages like extra profit, predictability, and it is done with a personal touch, a crucial factor. No hiding behind company logos.

This is what technology should do. Wouldn't you like to have a technical solution that was designed to improve your day, save you time and designed for your own purposes? Like Pluvinel!

1. Be innovative

This international independent digital solution is open for all instructors, coaches and trainers from all disciplines and methods. One could say it is controversial to unite all the disciplines and methods that usually operate quite separately, however, we do believe this is the best way forward for riders, potential riders and the future of equestrianism. Pluvinel is actually designed for this, and soon the system will have built in methods to verify our users in a sound way.

2. Improve your habits

From a survey we conducted with our instructors and trainers, some recurring issues was revealed around bookings, payments and client overview, so we focused on how to improve this important part of your business. We have designed a new digital process for booking and payment that ensure higher commitment, no maybes. It is a simple method to charge your existing and new clients. Did you know that in fact, 100 percent of people between 18-25 prefer to pay upfront, and are not at all opposed to paying online? So, it is nothing to wait for, roll up your sleeves!

3. Streamline, save precious time

By using Pluvinel you remove parts of your process related to booking and payment, saving time and avoiding agony(?) (like counting who was riding when, sending out invoice (late), asking for cash, forgetting to bring cash, remembering who forgot to bring cash, asking riders to pay already sent invoice etc), basically remove all awkward moments around payment and keep track of bookings. The booking and payment are, in fact, one and the same move. It takes the rider two (2) clicks to pay and book your lessons after you have scheduled a lesson, which will take you 30 seconds after you have learnt it.

4. Transparency and access

To be transparent requires courage because it makes you exposed to criticism, which is loose bullets in this business. But we want transparency to be the policy, our mission is to create the most user-friendly and warm online technical solution for the equestrian world, where the show and tell builds trust. Access is another important factor. The equestrian world is not accessible, and riders experience that providers are out of reach, don’t answer email requests or return phone calls. This does not grow the bottom line or improve the client base. It just makes potential clients frustrated, and it has to change. No-one likes to be ignored.

5. Focus

The world is full of distractions; social media, media and the rest of everything going on. Pluvinel knows that the time of an instructor and trainer is precious, it is a time consuming and demanding profession. In fact, in the survey, we conducted one of the instructors requested more hours per day. Pluvinel can not fix that of course, but we are focused on improving and modernising the relation between the rider and his/her instructor and trainer without interfering in what is actually important and unique with these relations. Freeing up time so you can spend it on what you do best, teach!

6. Improve relations

One of the reasons why many riders and instructors grow a tight bond could be because they spend a lot of time together, connecting through the love of horses and over their learning process. The relation grows as you solve obstacles, and feeling mastery when things really go your way, it can sometimes be a long and tedious process. This can of course not be replaced with technology, however, technology can help you engage with your clients in new ways, building on what you already have lived. Or allow riders to explore new disciplines and methods, and find interesting opportunities nearby.

7. Designed for YOU

The more you use Pluvinel the more we learn about your needs. And this allows us to continue designing Pluvinel for YOU, together we can advance the equestrian world, so it can compete with other accessible interests, be modern and inclusive.

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Raise your impulsion
Pluvinel is an independent digital resource uniting instructors and trainers of all disciplines and methods to benefit riders in all corners of the world. Horses improve our lives, as does technology. By combining the two, we enable better access to dedicated equestrian instructors, trainers and coaches.